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Spanish Tapas are a true celebration of the Spanish culture and social way of life for which the Spanish are famous. Tapas are in effect bite sized morsels of food served with a drink in the bar and the Andalucian region of Granada is the only place where tapas are still complimentary. The word ‘tapa’ means cover and this is one of the historical explanations of their origin, when bar or tavern owners used to place a small piece of bread over their patrons glass to keep the flies out. Nowadays however, the tapa represents the warmth and openness of the social Spanish lifestyle – there is nothing quite like a drink and a chat with some friends and some delicious tiny nibbles to enhance the experience. Whatever the true history behind Spanish tapas it remains a social delight and has evolved from being the simplest slice of bread to becoming delicious mini versions of the best Spanish cuisine with a world wide reputation. Tapas are a very important way of life for the Spanish and to recreate some of the best dishes at home is to bring in a little bit of the seductive social atmosphere.

In this recipe section we have strived to include some of the most traditional tapas dishes, which are served locally here in our village and throughout the region of Granada. All of the recipes are put together with the help of local bar and restaurant owners and chefs to ensure you can experience the true authenticity of the Spanish tapa at home. We have also included some typically Spanish main meal recipes from meat and seafood dishes to chicken and vegetarian meals as well as a whole lot more!


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