Best Paleo Protein Powder Options for CrossFitters

The topic of which paleo protein powder to take as a CrossFitter is a serious matter. The average person who attempts to gain muscle almost always decides on adding more protein to their diet. The question then becomes, which exact protein supplement is optimal for my fitness goals?

When you want Paleo protein powder, you’ll have some choices. You can select either a Milk Protein such as Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein concentrate, or you can go with a Casein Protein, such as an egg white or whole milk protein. All the options are valid, and the primary determinant is if you’re allergic to a particular type of protein product.

Always Research the Ingredients

Whey protein remains the top choice for all athletes who are non-vegan. The reason is that “it gets the job done” and is affordable. When determining which protein powder to get, it pays to do thorough research including reading all of the ingredients. Crossfitters need to understand what they’re putting in their bodies precisely and how it impacts their fitness and body composition. Some protein powders contain “junk” ingredients which you’re better off avoiding.

Calories are also worth considering because they can add up with protein powders. PaleoPro offers a protein powder with all “Paleo Ingredients” which should save you some guesswork. The brand also has a nice payoff by giving you 26 grams of protein at the cost of only 130 calories. Higher quality ingredients are worth the investment because of lower calories. However, the price tag is also something to think about when it comes to buying protein powders.

Balance Cost and Needs to Find the Optimal Protein Powder

You’re going to end up purchasing quite a bit of protein as the month’s progress. It’s worth balancing your needs for the best ingredients with the desire to spend less cash. Luckily, protein powders are one product with a ton of supply.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth – Available at GNC and is around $2 per serving. This brand is popular with CrossFit athletes because it contains no soy, no nuts, no dairy and no grain and is 98 calories per serving.

Paleo Pro – Grass-fed and pasture-raised ingredients for $39 per pound. The powder contains no dairy or soy.

Nature’s Plus Paleo Protein – This brand is available online and in stores and is vegan and offers 20 grams of protein for a tradeoff of 140 calories. The price is slightly lower than Paleo Pro and Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth.

Each of these products gets lots of reviews, so they are popular across a broad spectrum of consumers. You should have no problem at all with any of these top brands. Supplementing is crucial for a CrossFitter. Don’t hesitate to get the best possible product if it fits your lifestyle. The gains you get will make the investment worthwhile in the long run.

If you’re willing to research and shop carefully, you’ll have no problem securing your steady supply of Paleo and Crossfit-friendly protein powders.

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