About Us

At Orce, we are obsessed with the Paleolithic, or caveman, diet. Eating paleo means cutting out all those processed sugars, dairy, and other unhealthy foods and focusing on healthy fats and oils, meat proteins, and fruits and vegetables. Since our founders Sara and Nick went paleo back in 2012, they’ve seen huge improvement in their health, both physically and mentally. After working for a decade in corporate jobs and eating processed foods, both could see pounds piling on and their health on the decline. They heard about the Paleo diet and decided to give it a try. Today, they strictly eat Paleo, are CrossFit and running junkies, and have never been happier!

In 2015, they launched Orce Hams and Paleo Meats to provide better protein options to the Paleo community. From nitrate- and sugar-free bacon to grass-fed beefs, Orce now offers a variety of proteins to make eating Paleo easier than ever!